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CEM Disegno Resources is a Training and Consultation company specialized in Microsoft Office Training, Web Designing training and designing, and Office Processes consultation using Microsoft Office tools.

Our Master Trainer, Kelvin Ng is a Microsoft Office Master Specialist, Adobe Certified Expert, Microsoft Certified Trainer, Apple Certified Professional and among others. Kelvin has been in the training industry for more that 15 years and has the ability to give real life example in his teaching.

In recent years, Kelvin Ng focuses in Microsoft Office training as there is a huge demand in the market. He also trained a a few other trainers to help him expand his business. All CEM Disegno Trainers are Certified and has proven quality in instructional training.

We offer full range of Microsoft Office training, Adobe Design softwares and web designing courses.

"I've been to Kelvin's Excel Formula course and I find it to be very important in my teaching in ICT courses for IGCSE. It is highly recommended and would be able to help you in business." —Christopher Lawrence

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