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Vibrant, charming and versatile emcee with experience in hosting events with a crowd size up to 1,000 such as corporate events, concerts, conferences, game shows with scripted and non-scripted formats.

Comfortable with large crowds, I strive to connect and bring a magical experience to your audience. Looking forward to utilize skills and experience as a host to bring wonder and captivate your audience.

External Review

"Duncan came to my event as a magician and I was amazed and thrilled by his performance. His cheerful character brings life into the atmosphere." —Jonathan Tan

External Review

"Duncan is definitely a very experienced and confident emcee. In the wedding ceremony, I really appreciate how he brought out the meaning of each ritual and explained it clearly as it really brings out the romantic atmosphere. He really puts all of the focus on the couple and could make the audience connect with the couple. if you're looking for an amazing wedding emcee who can make you the star of the day, Duncan is perfect for you" —Lily Yeoh Lee Chen

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Duncan Tsen | Professional Emcee, Magician
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