by HeyJaGa 4 days

"Hired this pro for a customer of ours in Taman Melawati recently. Although on such short notice, they were able to schedule a cleaning session for our customer on the same day. Good response time and customer has informed us that they were happy with the cleaning that was done by the cleaners, mentioned that they had good attitudes & were thorough with their job. Well done, will recommend!"

by Mahathir 7 days

"I paid for the equipment but they never brought with them vacuum cleaner - in the end using my own. "

by Azlian 8 days

"The cleaner come on time. They have done a very good job abd professional within the duration given. Thank you"

Sharmathevan5@Gmail.Com replied 8 days ago


by Parasakti 10 days

"Hope not new broom sweeps well"

by Ainaa 14 days

"Very responsive and attend to your queries and will ensure job done up to the required standard. "

by Lee 17 days

"Friendly &
Job done as requested"

by puvan192b44 19 days

"Good service"

by Sitie 23 days

"Wonder how you rated them as a pro?

1 cleaner is good. Ask me if I satisfied with her job before do another room.

But overall, not meet my expectation.

I need to throw all the rubbish. I don't know whether they forget or they just don't know.


by Nd 28 days

"Not highly professional "