by hassannasir almost 3 years

"overall is good"

by muhammaddanialanand almost 3 years

"fast respond and good service"

by ebbysayeful almost 3 years

"overall is good, good service"

by gladyschua almost 3 years

"Edward was very responsive to my requests. He was willing to accelerate the repairs and delivered the TV back to me in 2 days. I was happy with the repairs though I felt the repair cost was high. Nonetheless, TV is working fine and I'm happy with the overall service. "

by darien about 3 years

"Don't take Edward's offer. Never ever! I asked him to fix my TV. He charged me RM80 for delivery and used 1 whole month and can't fix it!! Never update me the reason from time to time but always need me to take the initiative to message him for the progress. Very very bad service.
After a month, he delivered back the not fixed TV back to me claiming he can't find the spare part, (whereby other people can fix it by 2 days!!)
I asked him for RM80 refund and he yelled at me saying that that is his service and it's compulsory to pay even though it's not fixed. Very very rude guy he is.
Hence, my advice to you guys, take this Edward's service as last resort unless you want to face the same situation as me. "

Nor252 replied about 3 years ago

"Hi Darien, please explain further"

Hanafidini replied about 3 years ago

"oh my, my tv is currently with him. Recomn please advise immediately! "

by Nadia over 3 years

"Edward and Mabel followed-up with the quote within 2 days and provided good services."

Paulsebastian replied about 3 years ago

"Edward followed up with the quote withink 10 hours and came by to service after 15 hours.. definitely fast and good , friendly and easy to deal with. . Thanks Edward"

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