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​Driven by passion towards performing magic for the past 10 years, Cody has been known as a versatile showman. Twice the champion of local magic competition in Malaysia while he was 17 and has since then performed formore than 30,000 audiences throughout his shows; from the time as an in-house magician of an international resort (2010), until today as an independent talent performing internationally.

​'An act that compels you to take action towards positive change'​

That is the underlying criteria of Cody's theater work. People always recognizehim as charismatic, moving, educational, and a little playful on stage. With the elements of the modern myths and stories that eventually draw the significant difference between a trick and magic; he gives meanings and purposes to his show.

For more info please visit www.magiciancodytan.com

"Engaged Cody before, as both the emcee and magician. Our needs were well taken care of. He's like no other magicians and has put lots of effort and creativity into accommodating our event theme and performing relevant magic shows. Also drafted a free proposal for us before confirming him. I would recommend others to speak to him." —chenyuwen92

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FROM Magician Cody Tan | First Stage Hypnotist in Malaysia

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