by BALARAMA 4 days

"Dedication and Commitment shown during work.
On time, clean and neat."

Ms. Rani replied 3 days ago

"Thank you sir"

Ms. Rani replied 3 days ago

"Thank you sir"

by Jasmine 8 days

"Very good customer service and follow through with their work and update. Will definitely engage their service again. "

Ms. Rani replied 8 days ago

"Thank you ms"

by Yue 18 days

"Good service and on time. "

Ms. Rani replied 18 days ago

"Tq sir"

by Nikki 18 days

"The grass cutter and his children did an excellent job on my house. They worked hard to clean up my entire house compound in and out and cleared out all the grass and rubbish efficiently. They returned nextday to cut my tree when I was not satisfied and did a great job afterwards. They were willing to go the extra mile to do extra work when asked. Overall great job."

Ms. Rani replied 18 days ago

"Tq ms"

by Sheila 27 days

"Great service in terms of quality of work, pricing and materials (they supplied the paint). At the end of the day, they gave me feedback on what more to do. Mr. Mogan and his team kept the house as clean as possible while they did their work. I love the attention to detail. Excellent service at reasonable price. I highly recommend."

Ms. Rani replied 27 days ago

"Thank you ms"

by Bala about 1 month

"The boss mr.mohan is very punctual in his job. He can monitering his workers all the time.I'm really happy with his service.Tq."

Ms. Rani replied about 1 month ago

"Thank you sir"

by Najwa about 2 months

"They did their best to help out with a house full of furniture, very polite and professional team. Explained each step they were going to do and very efficient"

Ms. Rani replied about 2 months ago

"Tq puan"

by Datin Puteri Julie 2 months

"They are good but due to supplies not available as many shops are close"

Ms. Rani replied 2 months ago

"Thank you Datin...."

by Shiva 2 months

"The contractor did a good job in spite of the COVID-19 period. I didn't visited the house yet, but they did a very good job and gave me a 6 months warranty to check my house later when the COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed."

Ms. Rani replied 2 months ago

"Thank you sir for your review and stay safe sir. "

by Yee 4 months

"Overall a pleasant experience with the painter team. Very friendly and as efficient as they can. Highly recommended!"

Ms. Rani replied 4 months ago

"Thank you ms "

by gowri64cb4 4 months

"Completed an exterior and interior residential painting job. Overall job is good, enough manpower . Efforts on detailing can be improved. Good team work. "

Ms. Rani replied 4 months ago

"Thank you ms for your review"

by Jason Wong 5 months

"Good service n on time with service. Will definetely use their service in future"

Ms. Rani replied 5 months ago

"Thank you sir for your review"

by DAVID 5 months

"Service was good. 1st painter was good . They changed painter after the 2nd day which I was not happy with. However, they made up for it by bringing on a much more senior painter to solve the painting work and overall, I am very happy and satisfied. Although they came late, but they stayed back to finish the job. I would highly recommend "

Ms. Rani replied 5 months ago

"Thank you Dato' for the review"

by Lakar  5 months

"Did a quick job changing my dark colored wall into a light one. With all the necessary layers and touch up work after. "

Ms. Rani replied 5 months ago

"Thank you sir for your review."

by Sylvia 5 months

"The touch up work been delayed"

Ms. Rani replied 5 months ago

"Thank you for the review ms "

by Nithiyaraj 5 months

"I am really impress with their work and the quality . They have done a good job and met my requirements accordingly . Truly a professional service provided and will definitely recommend to my family and friends . Will definitely engage their services in the future ."

Ms. Rani replied 5 months ago

"Thank ms"

by Asherra 5 months

"thorough cleaning done"

Ms. Rani replied 5 months ago

"Thank you ms"

by Wen Jau 6 months

"Made appointment at 9.30am, but the vendor only arrived at 10.30am. Overall the paint quality is good."

Ms. Rani replied 6 months ago

"Thank you for your review sir."

by Lynette 6 months

"They were efficient, got most things done within 2 days. However some of the materials were not fit for the job, for example, for floor tiles they had used woodstain instead of the acrylic clear coat meant for tiles. The supervisor was also very efficient in getting materials, however I think he was too eager because the receipt I got was 3x more than the usual prices for items. That was after the supervisor said he will be able to get good prices from the shop he regularly visits. But I must commend them for willingly coming back to do touch ups, and they were fast in doing that also. "

Ms. Rani replied 6 months ago

"Thank you for review and the price had check and shop agree the price as in receipt."

by Kevin 6 months

"Poor workmanship and doesn't care about quality. Doesn't listen to proper advise and work for own easy way. Expensive price. "

Ms. Rani replied 6 months ago

"Thank you for your review , and we had charge only RM230 for 4 coating painting for a small include ceïlïng. "