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+RED Worldwide is a personal concierge service where your catering, event, party, gifts and personal services come to life. We aim to make your occasion very memorable. Satisfaction Guaranteed and best value in town.

"Sucky service. This is the worst baker and most unpleasant experience that i encountered. Though i had clearly state my request via email,follow up on multiple round of conversation about my request,it ultimate turn up a totally different and unacceptable way. It ruin my party. Furthermore,a stupid reason is given saying that due to hot weather. My kids party gone due to thier dream cake gone. Guess baskin robbin will never deliver a melted ice cream due to hot weather. Stupid excuse.
I demand for full cash refund n the baker ultimately didnt keep promise. This kind of stupud n irresponsible baker,i will never deal or recommend to anyone. Worst experience ever" —pangcheesiew

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