by Muhammad Asri 5 days

"Kerja yg pantas, menepati masa dan masalah sy selesai."

by Muhammad Asri 15 days

"Servis yg sempurna. Masa, selesaikan masalah dan cepat siap. Terima kasih."

by Nyet Lin 16 days

"A really nice guy however the diagnosis with my issue was incorrect and as a result, I am still left with an oven that cannot be used. "

Yat Seng replied 16 days ago

"My scope is electrical and wiring not inclusive equipment itself. "

by Nermala 16 days

"They responded fast and price was reasonable"

by Nor Akmal 18 days

"Doing tasks very neat and fast. "

Yat Seng replied 18 days ago


by Farhan 21 days

"Professional service with good knowledge and reasonable price."

Yat Seng replied 18 days ago


by Malina 23 days

"The contractor is on-time and good quality in installing ceiling fan and wall fan. Price is affordable."

Yat Seng replied 18 days ago


by Hasmawi 27 days


by Premila about 1 month

"He was very professional and provided good consultation/advice"

by HeyJaGa about 1 month

"Good & Experienced Guy."

by Kelvin9 3 months

"Fast to respond and reasonable prices "

by Desmond 3 months

"Good service "

by chooikokkeong7b39 3 months

"very good skill"

by CM 3 months

"Good service and knowledge "

by Roslawati 3 months

"Postpone date/time"

by Yogessvaran 3 months

"No comment"

by Noor hayati 4 months

"Wiring for new equipment"

by Lakar  4 months

"He helped check the electrical loading for the house before advising on the new point. The work was also tidy."

by Rahim 4 months

"Starting service. Not enough data to evaluate yet."

by Datin Christine 4 months

"Reliable n responsible. "

Yat Seng replied 4 months ago


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