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Interior design and built renovation company & Kitchen Hood Cleaner And Servicing

Review by Hyma

Requested for a quote for cabinets and they were fast to respond and professional. We ended up going with another contractor we had worked with be...


Review by Mr Vamsi

The technicians who visited me for servicing & repairing my refrigerator. They were on time, very efficient with their work & cleaned up the house ...

We provide all kind of technical related services such as Renovation, Plumbing, Wiring, Painting, Grilling, Furniture's, Aircon (Installation, Serv...

Review by Kim

A plus point that the team take the trouble to arrange time with us before arrival and quick in identifying the problem with the appliances. Perso...

dear customers 🔊 we can provide less time / minimum price good service. you can enjoy our services. thanks

Review by Ragu

On time, good service.

homes appliances repair

Review by Catherine

Quick response, almost instantaneous response, repair was done within hours, highly recommended.

we have 12 years experience in the aircond, refrigerator, washing mdachine & dryer service industry. Below are our services area of expertise: ...

Review by Uma

I'm happy with their services

We provide various home maintenance services, ask us to know more!

Review by NIK ZAINI

To get maximum customer satisfaction the communication and timing must be excellent. If the customer did not read your message, CALL them. Do not S...

We are 40 years experience in repair Refrigerator, Washing machine, Dryer. We charge reasonable price We offer warranty to customers

Review by Boon

Very prompt and immediate. Express attention and repaired. Customer friendly!

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RM 80 - RM 199
Jalan Klang Lama (Old Klang Road), KL / Selangor, 13 minutes ago
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Fridge Repair
RM 80 - RM 199
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Fridge Repair
RM 80 - RM 199
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Reviewed RMSU ELEKTRIK In Malaysia on 4 Aug 2020

Excellent Great service and attitude


Reviewed Home Appliances Repair In Malaysia on 29 Jul 2020

Quick response, almost instantaneous response, repair was done within hours, highly recommended.

Mr Vamsi

Reviewed RMSU ELEKTRIK In Malaysia on 28 Jul 2020

The technicians who visited me for servicing & repairing my refrigerator. They were on time, very efficient with their work & cleaned up the house after their work. The appliance is working perfect...


Reviewed AtoZ Technical Solutions In Malaysia on 27 Jul 2020

A plus point that the team take the trouble to arrange time with us before arrival and quick in identifying the problem with the appliances. Person in charge is polite and friendly as well.


Reviewed AtoZ Technical Solutions In Malaysia on 27 Jul 2020

Overall satisfied and clean


Reviewed AtoZ Technical Solutions In Malaysia on 25 Jul 2020

Great, friendly, and timely. Came even on short notice during my last minute fridge breakdown. Detailed explanation given. Reasonable price. Thank you!

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Why hire a Fridge Repair from

Why Hire a Fridge Repair Service from

Whether you are returning back from work or lazing at home, it is reassuring to know that you're surrounded by modern home appliances that are fully functioning to ensure you can live comfortably.

In contrast, we especially know that awful feeling of finding out that the fridge, one of the most important appliances at home, is not working properly! How do I know what is going on? Will my perishables be safe? Do I just buy a new one?

Well, there is no reason to panic or jump to any conclusions. Once there are any signs of issues that your fridge may need a repair, the next recommended step is to get it assessed by a trained and trusted service professional to understand its severity and have it fixed. This helps save time and avoids future recurring problems.

If your fridge is showing any of these signs below, hiring a professional to get it checked out immediately might prove to be beneficial.

When to know your fridge is in need of a repair

Loud vibrations or noises

Most fridges are now marketed to be silent, but you should be able to tell if there are loud noises or unusual vibrations waking you up from slumber. The source of the noise can easily be traced to the back or bottom of the fridge, but knowing whether which part needs to be fixed is harder. Issues like a dirty condenser pan, worn-out condenser, malfunctioning motor, failing evaporator fan and faulty compressor can all fit the bill. It is best to seek professional help to troubleshoot at this time.

Hot to the touch

It can be alarming to find out that your fridge is excessively hot to the touch. This could mean a telltale sign of overheating which can lead to a faulty fridge. Common reasons may include a motor fan running too hot, dirty condenser coils, and poor ventilation system. Should the issue persist, consider calling a professional for maintenance or have it fixed quickly.

Excessive sweating or condensation

Typically, excessive sweating or condensation is a problem of door seals experiencing wear and tear through prolonged usage or poor insulation. Since condensation can occur on the interior and exterior of the fridge, it is mindful to check on possible mould growth to avoid falling ill. Therefore, it is crucial to have it repaired right away. Consider the help of a reputable professional for a complete analysis of the root cause.

Fridge not cold and food is rapidly spoiling

If you practised to always shut the fridge tight and stored food properly as told by your parents, you should not notice food spoiling before its intended expiry date. Instead, it may mean that your fridge cannot reach optimum cooling temperature fast. This delayed cooling might spell trouble for your electricity bill as it takes more energy than it should to cool.

Another reason could be that the seals around your fridge door are worn out, so the hot air is getting in. Minimise further costs and food wastage by contacting a professional immediately.

Frost buildup in the freezer

Most fridges and freezers are frost-free thanks to innovative technology over the years. However, frost buildup can occur even to the untrained eye. This is usually caused by a cracked door seal that allows warm air to enter into the freezer. Or, it could be caused by frozen evaporator coils which causes temperature fluctuations. Regardless, if the issue still persists even after defrosting attempts, it's wise to call a technician.

Why choose a pro to repair your fridge in Malaysia

Imagine surviving days without a functioning fridge and that would scare most of us if we are not familiar with how a fridge operates. Hence, it is always a better and safer bet to hire an expert that deals with electricity and wiring work so you do not have to risk doing it yourself.

Here are some major reasons to consider why having a professional to help fix your fridge in Malaysia is worth it.

Guarantees safe repairs

There’s always a risk factor involved when performing any do-it-yourself appliance repairs, especially when it is not up to your alley of knowledge. The best reason for hiring a professional to repair your broken fridge is because it’s the safest way.

Since a technician has the correct tools and knows the necessary safety protocols when it comes to different fridge models, repairs are done correctly. In summary, you are out of harm’s way and can now rest easy knowing a professional is tending to your fridge problems.

Long-term solutions

While having your fridge fixed instantly is a great thing, no one would like to see future problems arising in the short-term and cause their moment of relief to be short-lived. Instead, having your fridge repaired by a professional technician will allow a comprehensive assessment of your fridge’s condition to extend the lifespan and performance of your appliance.

Additionally, you can save plenty of time avoiding unnecessary actions like reading book guides or taking advice off the Internet to solve your fridge woes.

Verified professionals does the necessary checks and verification so that only proven and reliable pros turn up at your door. Our pros provide fridge repair services in the Klang Valley and other major cities, so you are assured of quality and satisfactory work every time.

Our fridge repair professionals will make sure any existing or potential problem is diagnosed correctly to ensure all necessary repairs are safely and properly conducted so you can be left with a well-working fridge to rely on again.

To book a fridge repair service, fill up our online form and we will get back to you to confirm your appointment.