Jun hong

Good service

Kumara replied about 2 months ago



Issue seems to be resolved


I seek for professional to inspect the inter floor unit leaking issue where the contractor able to deduce that's is under common area management responsible to take care as the waterproofing did not been applied properly. As such , owners are not required for any repair action where the management acknowledge their duty. Tq


Very proactive. Very well done work. Manage to remove all the paint and cement stains from my previous contractor’s work. Highly recommended 👍🏻

Kumara replied about 2 years ago



Doesn't keep appointed day or time. Always has excuses. On first day itself wanted payment for more than half. Didn't want me to pay recomend.my. For subsequent job, never saw him.

kamal guhan

Very professional. Took the job immediately. Explained the price and charges before starting the repair.

Chiachinyi1994 replied over 2 years ago



they did a good job with the cleaning & I would definitely recommend them again!


All work completed satisfactorily and in a timely manner.

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