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*To host the events for you in major languages such as English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Bahasa Malaysia professionally
为您专业的主持活动 (中,英,广东,马来语)

*To create suitable ambience in your events

*To be your Game-Master

*To handle emergency and contingency situation

*To be your time-keeper

"Jerry Wong - Emcee is one of the best emcee's that you can find globally, and I am not exaggerating. I live in Canada and the wedding was in India where I was born, so I have grown up witnessing events from different cultures but Jerry just brought everyone together in a way that was just amazing. By the end of our wedding, there was not an individual who attended the wedding that was not in love with him. In fact, Osbert(my husband now) and I would have packed him in our suitcase if we could haha!! That's the incredibly happy and amazing personality he has! He knew nothing about Punjabi dance but he completely owned it and even made my uncle from Australia (who doesn't dance) dance to Punjabi beats hahahaha!! Amazingly talented and gifted with the ability to turn any situation into a fun one! Big thanks to you Jerry for making our big day so memorable! Thank you so much!!!

Whoever is looking for an emcee, please do not hesitate a second to invite Jerry to make it an exceptionally great one! I'm so glad I found him on Emcees of Malaysia group. If you would like me to rave more about Jerry and testify for his work, feel free to reach out! Again, thanks so much Jerry! You're exceptionally great at what you do!" —Debbie

"I hired Jerry for my morning tea ceremony and wedding emcee, he is very professional and responsible guy. It was a very memorable day for me and I could have ask for nothing more from the experience i have gotten from hiring Jerry Wong. Jerry hosted my wedding like a boss, he was also a very funny with some jokes in between to lighten up my crowd. One thing I liked most about Jerry is with the Modern Style approach he took to make the crowd (People of all ages) feel comfortable. to add on, he also host my wedding dinner in English and Cantonese :) All in all, i would like to recommend his service to everyone." —Yee

"Jerry service is very awesome. Me and my husband enjoying our that hosted by Jerry. He was very experience on what he doing, he will prepare a schedule or rundown for us and will remind or mention that which part we are missing. On the wedding dinner day, he help me to solved out a lot of problem and make my wedding dinner become perfect. I will definitely recommended him to all my friend and family. Thank you Jerry!!" —Nicole12

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"AMAZING from all perspective!Full star recommend!!" —Sam Lim

External Review

"Wonderful and very reliable emcee, had really helped a lot on our wedding dinner timing and boost up the atmosphere/mood of the guests." —Janice Foo

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