by Rohini 2 months

"Good Job..well done"

Mavelmovers replied about 1 month ago

"Thanks rohini 🙏"

by CHUN WAN 8 months

"Good service and professional. Keep it up. "

Mavelmovers replied about 1 month ago

"Thanks chuan 🙏"

by Zahrah 11 months

"Good services provided"

by simi4a5d3 over 2 years

"Mine was just moving items between floors of same apartment. The person in charge came on time & gave me a quote. Young chap but is throughly professional in ensuring he does not over or under quote me. "

by sksl88 over 2 years

"I provided a list of items that I wanted transported and they advised me on the appropriate lorry size required. Mavel Movers were very careful with the items transported and all my items arrived at the destination safely. I'm happy with the house moving service."

by zailanarabee015c over 2 years

"Professional service. "

by Emily almost 3 years

"I was quoted in Recomn for RM380 from them. But when they quote me from email, it was RM650 !!. How can simply hike the price? I am only moving from KL to KL and not a very far location. I do not have bulky or alot of furniture to move. It feel they are really a scammer, and do not trust their service. I have choose not to engage this vendor. Please becareful of them."

Mavelmovers replied almost 3 years ago

"Yes v quote u in recomn RM380 base on item given but after u send me a list,it's more than items as mention in recomn. N have 3 items need to dispose.There r charges for disposal. That's y v hav to revised the quote to RM650.After u send me a message,u blocked me.Tis is not a proper way to deal by putting bad reviews"

Emily replied almost 3 years ago

"I already written in Recomn clearly the list that i want to dispose. And my final list to you is just these: Dispose : 1 small side table 1 study table 2 chairs. To move: 1 queen size mattress 1 single matress 1 tv 1 pile, 1 standing fan 2 chairs 1 air filter Tell me what I have added and what items you think you need to hike the price from RM 380 to RM650? Does it make sense that my few items on these list , moving location is just 15 mins away, need RM650? Let other customer judge for themselves. Stop giving your excuses, and I will not do business with company with no integrity. "

by daumingseling about 3 years

"Prompt response, polite & accomodating. Careful in wrapping & moving the items."

by rob about 3 years

"Great Service. "

by kalai25 over 3 years

"request fro quotation"

by terencelim2 almost 4 years

"On-time, efficient and careful staff during our move. Happy with the service."

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