by Hamizat 1 day

"Good job"

by Shaz 15 days

"have given the budget earlier but the service provider is unable to give estimates cost upfront. he inspect and quoted more than what i have informed. "

by Wang Wei 21 days

"Was able to fix the problem fast. Called in the morning, fixed in the afternoon"

by Brayden 22 days

"Bad time management, did not solve the problem after receiving money and not keen to follow up for second appointment. "

by Prabakaran about 2 months

"Collected RM80 cash as checking service."

by Suleiman about 2 months

"1.5+ hours late, fridge not fixed, causes house main switch to trip when fridge is on."

by Lai Soon 2 months

"[1] The Pro was late for more than the service even after I confirmed the time with him numerous time.
[2] The Pro was quite rough in handling the equipment during the repair.
[3] The part replaced was a used part, i.e. NOT new
[4] Overcharged for a small used part (used rubber seal) replaced which completed in 5 mins job."

by Lai Soon 3 months

"[1] I have to call and send messages several time to remind the pro about the time and his was late.
[2] Initially, the pro wanted to replace the faulty part with an used part (not NEW), until I pointed out to him and demanded a new part to be used.
[3] At the end of the day, the Pro ONLY replaced a SMALL rubber seal (also USED) for the water inlet.
[4] The workmanship is also questionable. The Pro is very rough in handling my washing machine.
[5] 5 minutes job and charged RM170. This is way OVER CHARGED."

by Jocelyn 3 months

"I contacted them about a fridge repair. They did come on the day requested but showed up late by about 5 hours. They charged almost double what I had requested for and did not provide me with a quote that it would be that high, they just came in, did the repair and left. The day after the fridge started leaking and I had to shut off a valve after cleaning up my entire kitchen again. I made numerous attempts to contact them but have not received any response. "

by NIK ZAINI 4 months

"To get maximum customer satisfaction the communication and timing must be excellent. If the customer did not read your message, CALL them. Do not SKIP until the customer reaches for you."

by NIK ZAINI 4 months

"When I was informed that the job was taken and someone will attend to the request, I was expecting for a PHONE CALL from them. I waited until 11 am (suppose to start work at 9 am), the repairer informed me that I did not respond to his message to confirm the job schedule. Then only I realised there was a WhatsApp message from him. I would appreciate that the repairer use CALLING rather than MESSAGING service."

by Anwar 4 months

"Service is on time, courtiers.provide explaination on the repair job but the servicemen should let customer know the cost of items that is going to be replace."

by Peter 4 months

"Very gd and fast"

by Arif 4 months

"Straight forward "

by RAJASEGARAN 5 months

"Very efficient "

by Jia Soon 5 months

"For the entire E2E experience has given an impression of just average performance, there are more improvement spaces need to be archive, such as:

1) There wasn't any high level analysis quote has provided in the first place, although has provided depth-in details description initially. Only gotten an under quote amount verbally when direct asked from the vendor on the call, the final amount has only expose right after the deployment, even-though it's just a minor deviation.

2) For another service request on the same case has not replied full day (working hours since morning till now), seem to have the only choice to go with single vendor only. In general, has not even seen the possible of multi quote as per mentioned in the website."

by Audrey 5 months

"Responsive service, however fridge was not fixed (timer was put in as a measure that i was told would work, and it didn't) and i ended up having to buy a new one. But i appreciated the timeliness of the pro to come and provide assistance despite MCO "

by Sufian 5 months

"Prompt response and didn’t wait long to get the resources and parts needed to fix the fridge. "

by Siew Xuan 5 months

"The service is fast and responsive. The result of service is good. The workers has also the knowledge of keep us and themselves safe during covid-19. They asked to wash their hand and mask is on their face. However, the components they provided to us is second-hand component. In repairing my fridge, particularly changing the fan and censor, they charged me for RM250.00 for second-hand component. I am not sure if such price will be deemed reasonable."

by Jacky 5 months

"He said he called for few times.. But I didn't receive any call. Waited for him for hours. And.. Now.. My fridge is fault again. Need to be repair again. Will give him another chance"

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