by Zainal abiddin 5 months

"There service was great and awesome "

by Prasad 8 months

"Overall service is good and clean."

by Ann 8 months

"They were efficient and made sure everything was sanitised "

by MOHD ZAIDY 9 months

"memberi kerjasama yang baik"

by Chan 9 months

"Great Job, although it is still in the MCO period and they are able to make it here with packed schedule.

Air conditioning returned to fully functioning state after servicing."

by sarah 9 months

"Very pleasant to deal with and transparent about the processes. I would hire again if I had further issues"

by Mouna 9 months

"They're professional, respectful, patient and not greedy at all. "

by Fazrin Izati 9 months

"Good service"

by siti shaarmila 9 months

" Would highly recommend this team๐Ÿ‘ Good service , Much appreciate during this mco time ๐Ÿ‘"

by Chan 9 months

"Nice and throughly service. Aircond back to working condition like when it was purchased few years ago."

by Fatin 9 months

"The service was quick and neatly done. I'm truly satisfied with the communication given by the company. I was always informed by En. Hisha from QSYS Technology about the service offered and price arrangement. As the movement control order is practiced, social distancing was highly applied for all the staff too which makes all my concerns believe this is the service we need during the pandemic worry. The email was responded later than promised, but it's understandable how recommend.my was trying to deliver as best service as they could in providing me professional services. Definitely rating 5 stars. "

by dash10 9 months

"QSYS Technologies communicated promptly, polite and professionally.

They conducted the diagnostic well and provided details of the problems of the aircond.

Provided photos and suggestions of repair prior to acting on repair works.

Ensured that the problem was resolved entirely.

Their technicians were polite and professional as well.

Excellent service provided. "

by keave 9 months

"first day he promise come on 1pm and i wait till 3.30pm only he reach...and after he reach and just take a look only and he told me have to come on another day to complte repair the aircond...after that he ask me to complete the payment to the server without complete job...but i just follow what he say and make payment ...after that he told me another day will come to complte the job and say just have to pay more RM120 to complete...and i agree to pay RM120 for after complate the job...then another day he was come to solve and the aircond has work done...and he told me have to pay RM400...i ask him why not to pay as yesterday promise RM120....he say because have to extend a new wiring for the aircond...but just using 3-4meter wire to extend only...and i ask him why not told before start work...he just say the job has complete and i have to pay....so total i was use RM480 to repair a wiring problem aircond...that very funny la...last year my another install a new aircond only RM1050 with installation fee...but now i have to usr RM480 to repair a aircond...if i know need so expensive i better change a new aircond....im also from construction work...i ubderstand have to pay worker fee or anything...but please told your customer the price before start work....how can promise RM+120 to complete then another day not as promise...i have to pay RM400 for the second time...very disappointed"

by yee281db9a 9 months

"Good service"