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Subalipack Relocation Sdn Bhd was founded to provide global relocation services to the Malaysian market.We make this all possible through our Kuala Lumpur Service delivery centre where we co-ordinate the end to end process.Our sister company Subalipack (M) Sdn Bhd has been in the moving industry for the past 34 years and has a very strong brand presence in Malaysia with offices in 9 different locations.
Relocating employees or private individuals will be assigned a Relocation adviser who will be their single focal point of coordination,reassurance and advice to ensure every part of their relocation runs smoothly.Our experienced staff have been in the industry for many years and know the challenges faced when relocating,this gives them the in-site of how to best assist to make the process seamless.

Focus is also honed in on effective communication, proactiveness towards clients needs & expectations and gaining an in-depth knowledge of our clients goals and key performance indicators.

Our ultimate aim is client and assignee satisfaction and to help clients achieve their business/personal goals by mitigating personnel mobility challenges.


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