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Lorry services local and other states (1ton, 2ton, 3ton,5ton)

we have 26 years of experience in transport services.

- house and office shiftings
- tree and grass cutting
- rubbish removal
- demolishing

Our main business ever since 1987 is Transport services throughout all the states in peninsula Malaysia. Offering efficient & reliable Cross-states Transport services is our commitment to our customers as we view them as our business partners, with whom we seek the equitable long-term working relationship in this competitive business climate. The fact that every customer’s requirements are different, we offer customized and personalized solutions for each.
We've been in this field for nearly 26 years with extensive experience in house and office shiftings.
Besides shiftings, we also provide TREE CUTTING services. One of the biggest projects that our company deal with was cutting down 216 trees in Zoo Negara ( Government Project ) in the year of 1993.
With a team of experienced, professional and dedicated staff, our company strives to cater to the needs of importers/exporters who are seeking flexibility, efficiency, and timeliness to meet their critical schedules.

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