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How to choose a CCTV camera setup

There are several factors that will determine your CCTV setup:

1) How many locations do you want to monitor? If you want to keep an eye on one or two locations, standalone cameras that record video to an SD card may be suitable. However, if there are many sites, then a you may need a network of IP cameras that send all their data to a central server

2) How clear do you want the image to be? HD cameras are getting cheaper, but you may only need them if you need to zoom in to read license plates or finer details. The higher the resolution, the more expensive it will become (and the more storage you need)

3) Do you want remote monitoring? Modern CCTV cameras can also be viewed live from your mobile phone from anywhere, using an app. In addition, some camera setups also allow you to unlock the front door using your phone, for guests to enter.

4) Do you need to monitor a fixed spot, or a wide area? More expensive cameras can pan around to capture a larger area (such as a living hall), while others are fixed in place (such as monitoring the driveway or front door)

5) Does it just record, or can it alert you in case of suspicious activity? Some CCTV camera setups include motion sensors and virtual fencing. So, if someone enters an area they are not supposed to, you will get notified, or the camera will start tracking them and recording.

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